Weekly Cigar Contest #5 Win a pair of Room 101 Darumas!

Room101DarumaSucio 1 Weekly Cigar Contest #5  Win a pair of Room 101 Darumas!

Update: Winner has been selected; see below.

This past week I reviewed the Room 101 Daruma Mutante and Sucio which is the lancero and churchill, respectively.  However, I also smoked the Monstro and found my experience not quite as enlightening.  The Mutante had some wonderful rich flavors with a delicious finish while I noticed the Sucio to feel more refined.  The flavors weren’t as rich or robust but they were smoother.  As for the Monstro which has a 60 ring gauge, it just didn’t do it for me.  Perhaps it was because of the larger ring gauge, maybe it was the draw but most likely, it was the wrapper to binder/filler ratio that changed.

On to the Contest:

Question:  You can approach this from two different ways.  Have you enjoyed a specific cigar brand and then smoke a different size and wondered why the hell would they make that size?  Or is there a specific cigar brand (Oliva V, Fuente Hemingway, Undercrown)  you do smoke and wonder why the hell won’t they make it in a specific vitola because you feel it would be perfect?  If possible, answer both questions with the brands and mention the vitola.

(example of the first question:  The Daruma has a tremendous amount of flavor in the Mutante and a solid balance in the Sucio, yet I don’t see the purpose of the Monstro other than smoking a fat cigar.)

(example of the second question:  Before the Fuente Rosado Sungrown Magnum R44 came out in late 2011, I always thought that the Rosado line would be perfect with a smaller ring gauge vitola.  Then the R44 showed up with a 47 inch ring gauge and that cigar popped with flavor.  Perfect)

Prize:  2 Room 101 Darumas

Size:  Mutante

Prize Value:  $16-22

Winner:  Cigar Surgeon! -see comment with reply below

Contest Start Date:  1/27/2013

Contest End Date:  2/2/2013

As always, remember to check back here next Saturday to see if you’ve won!  Good Luck to all those that participate! roulette download

10 thoughts on “Weekly Cigar Contest #5 Win a pair of Room 101 Darumas!

  1. I can’t say that I have smoked one and wondered why they make it a particular way, at least that I noticed. However I most definitely wonder why a few are not made in a different size. The Perdomo Lot 23 and Fresco lines particularly could be some of my favorite daily smokes. However they are so large that I do not enjoy them as much as others. A petite corona in a 44-48 rg would be absolutely fantastic. More of the great flavors of both, a little warmer smoking, and more comfortable all around.

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  2. I know this goes against their reason for being, but I wish Nub would stick their connecticut 460 in a churchill. And in general I wish more brands would put out petite coronas for those times when we want a quick puff. Also, can we get an Arturo Fuente Opus X in a torpedo?

  3. I love perfectos and wish a lot of the cigars that I smoke had a perfecto version. To answer the question, I often wonder why companies make the 6×60 version of cigars that use the same make up as the smaller vitolas. The one the comes to mind is the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Valentino. When you start getting into the larger ring sizes you’re getting more of the flavor from the filler as opposed to the wrapper on the smaller ring sizes. If you don’t adjust the cigar or keep the larger ring size and how it affects the taste of the cigar in mind then you it’s just not going to be as good. That’s how it is with the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor. I love the smaller ring sizes on that cigar but the valentino is lagging behind the rest big time.

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  4. Undercrowns are an easy target for the larger vitolas. They’re just not at their best with the larger gauges / lengths. T52s I find the opposite. The bigger the better.

    The Oliva V Serie Maduro LE release. It’s been a torpedo 6.5 x 52 for two years, torpedo 6×54 and the last two years 6×50 (toro). I’d love to see this as a Perfecto 6×48 or a Lonsdale 6.5 x 44. It should be a different vitola every year.

  5. As for the first question: I loved the flavors from the Daruma Mutante size yet when smoking the “Monstro” I didnt get nearly the same amount of flavors. It was like trying to enjoy a sip of a drink then chugging the whole thing and wondering why it had no real taste to it. As for the second of the questions i would love to see the LFD Double Ligero in a lancero size as opposed to growing larger into the meaner digger, which is more cigar than anyone would want or need.

  6. I smoked a Kristoff Kristania that had a 60 rg. I found the cigar to be very harsh and the flavors didn’t do anything to appeal to me. Thankfully, I did a blind review of some cigars, and lo and behold, my favorite of the group was the Kristoff Kristania robusto, which is a 50 rg. It was like smoking a completely different cigar.

  7. First off for the last year or so I have been into smaller ring gauges especially Lanceros.

    I have always loved the Monte Cristo 75th Anniversary cigars. I had always had the #2 as that is all I could find where I lived at the time. I moved to Vegas and found a shop that had the Lancero and was excited. This cigar did not hold up the flavor that I loved about the #2s.

    I had smoked several vitolas of Four Kicks and really have enjoyed them. My local B&M just started carrying Crowned Heads cigars and they had the Seleccion #5. I enjoyed this vitola even more than the rest of the line (though they are all great). The Headly Grange is coming out and they do have a 5 1/2 x 44 which I’m looking forward to, but would of liked to see a bit longer and maybe even a lancero.

  8. Another good question, Veeral…

    For the second part first, I found the Undercrown to be a decent smoke, but nothing out of this world spectacular. I was always asking for a Lancero version and while I’m still waiting for the Lancero, I find the Corona Viva to be a spectacular vitola of that blend – far and away my favorite.

    For the first part, I’ll take some “poetic license” and say the LFD DL-700 Maduro. While bigger than my typical preference, I enjoy smoking the cigar and enjoy the flavor. The enlarged “Digger” really goes overboard for me and takes away from the cigar. While I’ve never had the “Meaner Digger”, I have little to no interest in trying it based purely off of the size.

  9. I enjoy Nub Connecticut 460 very much and sometimes it feels like they end too quickly. Actually all of the nubs I’ve tried were good. I wish they made a longer vitola like a toro for the nubs. I would for sure buy those!

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