Rocky Patel 50 Toro Review

The Rocky Patel 50 was created to celebrate Rocky Patel’s 50th birthday.  This cigar was made in three different sizes (Robusto, Toro, Torpedo) with production count of 2000 boxes individually numbered for each vitola.


Rocky Patel’s Website:

Rocky worked for over four years perfecting the blend of this cigar, and we are launching it to celebrate his 50th birthday. The tobaccos in the Rocky Patel Fifty have been aged over eight years, and the cigars feature an Ecuadorian wrapper, each hand selected from the unique 7th priming of the tobacco plant. The cigars feature two distinct binders that both enhance, and engage, the flavors of the secret blend of Nicaraguan fillers.

RockyPatel50Toro 2 horz vert Rocky Patel 50 Toro Review

Robusto  “5 1/2 x 50″

Toro “6 1/2 x 52″

Torpedo  “6 1/8 x 52″

The packaging for the Rocky Patel 50 is by far the nicest for any cigar released by Mr. Patel.  It features at least 500 brilliant crystals on the design.  While the presentation is beautiful and not one likely to be forgotten among the many various releases by Rocky, it sets the bar quite high for the cigar itself.

rockypatel50frontpage Rocky Patel 50 Toro Review

Rocky Patel 50 Toro Review
Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro
Binder/Filler:  Nicaraguan
Size:  6 1/2 x 52
Vitola:  Box Pressed Toro
MSRP:  $21.50
Time In Humidor:  60 Days
Cigars Smoked for Review:  2
Smoke Time:  2hr 5min
Drink:  Water
Location:  Tasty Tobacco Shop

RockyPatel50Toro 7 Rocky Patel 50 Toro Review


The box press of the Rocky Patel 50 has sharp edges on the front side while the underside is rounded in the corners.  The cigar has a nice feel to it, no soft spots and only one noticeable vein running the length of the cigar though it is soft.  The rich chocolate color and toothy wrapper has a cap that is typical of most Rock Patel cigar (1990, 1992).  I do like the orange and silver double bands and putting one of them on the foot balances the cigars in terms of flow.  The band on the head says RP while the foot band has “50” written on it.  Overall, I think the cigar has a nice appearance and feels well constructed.  The colors chosen for the cigar makes it distinct  from any of the previous Rocky Patel releases.

RockyPatel50Toro 8 Rocky Patel 50 Toro Review


The cut across the head was fairly clean and the cold draw felt normal.  I noticed that the burn started out wavy though it was easily manageable.  It never truly got out of hand perhaps because the cigar needed a couple of relights.  The draw was smooth for the most part other than for some tightness in the middle and end.  There were large amounts of smoke expelled on the draws and a steady wavy stream between puffs.  The ash was very flakey and I’ve certainly seen better ashes.  The ash reminded me of an fresh Opus X where it flowers, but the RP 50 was much worse.  It lasted about 1/2 only because I tapped it before it could fall anywhere else.

RockyPatel50Toro 9 Rocky Patel 50 Toro Review


The wrapper gives off the usual basic notes of cedar and mild spice while the foot has this nuttiness with rich spicy notes.  On the initial few draws, I’m greeted with nuts, rich leather and mild spices.  A nice introduction to the most expensive cigar that Rocky Patel makes.  The first third has the same flavors except nutty flavors are dominating the front which transitions to leather with spice on the finish.  The profile is good but not quite smooth as I’d like it to be.  The cigar is medium in strength as well as in body though both seem to be increasing.

The flavor profile into the second smooths out while the leather notes are bold and rich while still feeling balanced.  The cigar does feel somewhat one dimensional at this point but soons develops notes of earth and wood.  In the later half of the second part, the spice lingers on the lips leaving a tingling sensation.  It’s been a while since I’ve experienced this with a cigar but this couldn’t be missed.  While this happened, I noticed a sweet note getting mixed up in the flavor reminding me of caramel.  The strength is definitely a solid medium but it’s about to hit full soon enough while the body remains at a medium.

The last third continues with the same profile of nuts and wood though there is a syrupy coating on the flavors.  I do get peppery blasts in the last inch and half similar to chili peppers.  I have to admit, the Rocky Patel 50 is consistent with some subtle nuances for the most part.  By the time I put it out, the cigar ends up being full in body and just reaches full for strength. slot machines games for pc

RockyPatel50Toro 10 Rocky Patel 50 Toro Review

Final Thoughts:

  • The appearance of the cigar is solid.  I think the marketing concept behind the Rocky Patel 50 was creative and a great way to entice people to purchase the cigar.  The box is hands down one of the nicest designs out there.
  • The prelight construction was excellent.  However, the ash (depending on how much value you put on that) was subpar and actually unpleasant to look at.  Even though the draw was average, it could have definitely been better.  I just hope “average” is not the standard when we’re talking about a $20 + cigar.
  • How does this cigar stack up against other Rocky Patels?  I personally favor the Vintage 1990 because it delivers flavors that are consistent for the most part at a price tag half of this.
  • How does this cigar stack up against other $15+ cigars?  Excluding cubans, I could probably make a list at least 10 cigars long that I would grab before this.  (Opus X Shark, Padron 1964 Maduro, Litto  Gomez Small Batch #3 and #4, Viaje Friends and Family, Don Carlos Edicion de Anniversario, Casa Fuente Corona Gorda, etc)
  • That said, it is a quality cigar.  It delivers on certain flavor aspects.  The Rocky Patel 50 is consistent. However, it doesn’t deviate from the typical Rocky Patel plan.  This is a cigar that the general cigar population will like, some will love but in the end, it isn’t memorable.  I feel that they should have stepped out the box to create a unique and bold blend.
  • Personally, I think if you smoke Rocky Patel cigars, you should treat yourself and smoke this.  While I don’t think I’ll purchase a box of these, I would grab these once in a while to smoke.  I firmly believe if this is the best Rocky Patel has to offer, you have to check it out.

Rating:  88

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