Padron Series 5000 Maduro Review

While many cigar smokers may know Padron for their 1926 Series, 1964 Anniversary Series or even the Family Reserve line, it was the Padron Series that first put them on the map for a mark of consistent quality.  Since 1964, they have been selling the Padron Series in a total of 15 different vitolas available in both maduro and natural at price points most would consider for everyday smokes.  The tobacco in these cigars has been aged for a minimum of two years as well according to the Padron Website.  The story behind Jorge Padron and the cigar company is a fascinating read which is available in a brief summary here.

PadronSerie5000Maduro 6 Padron Series 5000 Maduro ReviewPadronSerie5000Maduro 7 Padron Series 5000 Maduro ReviewPadronSerie5000Maduro 8 Padron Series 5000 Maduro Review

Magnum  “9 x 50″

Executive  “7 1/2 x 50″

Churchill  “6 7/8 x 46″

Ambassador  “6 7/8 x 42″

Panetela  “6 7/8 x 36″

4000  “6 1/2 x 54″

Palmas  “6 5/16 x 42″

7000  “6 1/4 x 60″

6000  “5 1/2 x 52″  (torpedo)

5000  “5 1/2 x 56″

3000  “5 1/2 x 52″

Londres  “5 1/2 x 42″

2000  “5 x 50″

Delicias  “4 7/8 x 46″

Corticos  “4 1/4 x 35″

PadronSerie5000Maduro 10 Padron Series 5000 Maduro Review top roulette casinos

Padron 5000 Maduro

Wrapper:  Nicaraguan

Binder/Filler:  Nicaraguan

Size:  5 1/2 x 56

Vitola:  Robusto Gordo

MSRP:  $8.25

Date of Manufacture:  6/12/2012

Cigars Smoked for Review:  3

Smoke Time:  1hr 45min

Pairing:  Water

PadronSeries5000MaduroTrifold Padron Series 5000 Maduro ReviewConstruction/Appearance:

The maduro wrapper has a rich chocolate appearance with a toothy as well as lumpy surface.  The veins are soft except in a one or two areas with a small cap on the head of the cigar.  The 5000 Maduro has a great feel in this size without any noticeable soft spots though the cigar still feels light.  It has the original Padron Series band which is white on brown with the island of Cuba displayed.  This cigar won’t be mistaken for the Anniversary Line but it has rugged appeal.

PadronSerie5000Maduro 19 Padron Series 5000 Maduro ReviewBurn/Draw:

With most Padrons, I decided to use a punch on this 56 Ring Gauge cigar and even the pre light draw had a solid amount of resistance, this opened to a near perfect level.  I did not struggle at all with the draw, it was excellent.  The burn started out dramatically wavy and improved throughout the review but never becoming even.  It was manageable and adequate.  The smoke was thick and heavy on draws becoming feathery when the cigar sat for a bit.  The ash, although not flaky, doesn’t look solid or stable.  However, it was lasted over 1.5 inches before falling into the ashtray.

PadronSerie5000Maduro 1 Padron Series 5000 Maduro ReviewFlavor/Aroma:

The pre light aroma on the wrapper is of chocolate, nuts and a sweet note of cedar while I notice more barnyard and dark chocolate on the foot.  The initial draws had hay/barnyard, bitter nut and pepper which lingered plenty on the palate.  I didn’t notice any sweetness at all here but more of a peppery blast.  The first third introduces cocoa, nuts and pepper.  I still notice some hay notes and kitchen spices but these decrease after the first 3/4 inch.  The cocoa has a touch of sweetness which provides some contrast.  There is just enough of the few flavors provided to balance the cigar out.  The strength already is coming in a tick or two above medium.  Prior to entering the second part, I notice a touch of earthiness.

The second third has more traditional Padron flavors of coffee, nuts, chocolate, caramel and earthiness.  The coffee has a spoonful of cream but the nuts combine to give it a possible hazelnut flavor.  The chocolate reminds me of semisweet chocolate morsels used in baking with earth and spice finish.  I don’t notice the cocoa as much possibly because of the new flavors.  Strength is increasing as is the complexity on the Padron 5000 Maduro.  There isn’t any change entering the third part where coffee, chocolate, nuts, earth, and pepper provide the same rotation and balance of flavors.  The nuttiness definitely increases in the last inch as does the peppery finish on the tongue and lips.  This finishes as a full in the strength category with a medium plus in complexity.

PadronSerie5000Maduro 3 Padron Series 5000 Maduro ReviewFinal Thoughts:

  • Unlike the other more premium cigars from Padron, these come in cellophane and without a serial number preventing counterfeiting.  Padron has probably looked into this (counterfeiting) and found it not cost effective.
  • The draw on the Padron 5000 was superb.  I can’t stress how near perfect it was and it probably had to do with a punch cut.  My experience using a guillotine gave most Padron cigars an airy feel to them when inhaling.  Construction issues were virtually non-existent for this specific vitola.  While the burn was uneven, I hardly penalize a cigar unless the burn line is completely lopsided.  The ash looked very nice for this cigar and lasted quite longer than I expected.
  • I felt the flavors were quite balanced.  While there were quite a few notes here, at times I felt a bottle neck in the cigar.  A rush to deliver the flavors leading to them overriding each other and mottling things up.  However, when everything went according to plan, this cigar was surprisingly enjoyable even with the larger ring gauge.  I expected that to tone down the body and depth and that was not 100% the case.
  • For Padron releases, I like to provide the date of manufacture when possible.  While these may be regular production cigars, quality varies due to the tobacco used as we have all experienced at some time.  Padron essentially assists me with this by leaving that specific date signed off by the last person who packaged it.
  • At msrp of $8.25, I was not disappointed in the overall performance.  In fact, my expectations were exceeded.  That said, I enjoy other sizes from Padron so I probably wouldn’t purchase more than a five pack at any one time.  However, if you like this size, go for a box as it would be worth it.

Rating:  88

PadronSerie5000Maduro 4 Padron Series 5000 Maduro Review

5 thoughts on “Padron Series 5000 Maduro Review

  1. Great cigars! My local shop has some of the Pantelas that have been aging for a long time (not sure exactly, but at least a couple of years). They are extremely delicious and smooth. I am sad that they are almost out!

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