Ortega Serie D No. 8 Review

Eddie Ortega left EO Brands almost 2 years to create Ortega Cigars.  Some of the more popular cigars that were manufactured by EO Brands were Murcielago, Mi Barrio and 601 which all used factories owned by Don Pepin Garcia.  Continuing that trend, the recently released Ortega Serie D will also be produced in the same factories.  The Ortega Serie D is currently sold in five sizes (all boxpressed, I believe):

OrtegaSerieDNo1 Ortega Serie D No. 8 Review

No. 6:  4 1/2 x 48

No 7:  5 x 46

No 8:  5 1/2 x 50

No 10: 6 x 52  (Belicoso)

No 12:  5 x 52


OrtegaSerieDNo3 Ortega Serie D No. 8 Review


Ortega Serie D No. 8 Review

Wrapper:  Mexican San Andres Maduro

Binder/Filler:  Nicaraguan

Size:  5 1/2 x 50

MSRP:  $6.50

Drink:  Water/Coffee

Location:  Blowin Smoke

Smoke Time:  1hr 40min

OrtegaSerieDNo2 Ortega Serie D No. 8 Review


The toothy San Andres wrapper has an oily rich chocolate color while the veins are barely noticeable when I run my hands over the cigar.  I love the box pressed appearance which goes very well with the gold, green, red and white band.  The lettering is in white with gold trim and the top section is red while the bottom 25-30% is in green.  The Ortega Series D seems well rolled and not underfilled, yet there is plenty of give when I squeezed the cigar in various places.  The construction of the triple cap is average but there is some weight to the cigar when holding it.

OrtegaSerieDNo4 Ortega Serie D No. 8 Review

It was very easy to make a clean cut across the head and the cold draw was very smooth.  The cigar lit up in a beautiful fashion with a stream of smoke pouring from the foot.  The burn was wavy which is typical for me when smoking a box pressed cigar but it did even up halfway through the reviews.  The draw was very smooth and pleasant.  I would have to say it was ideal for the size which allowed the cigar to burn cool and evenly.  The smoke was steady throughout which kept drifting towards me and into my nasal passages.  This allowed me to take in some of the aroma the cigar was giving off.  The ash starts out white with hints of gray and lasted a solid inch before I tapped it into the ashtray.

OrtegaSerieDNo9 Ortega Serie D No. 8 Review


The aroma from the wrapper reminded me of cedar and tobacco but the smells were stronger and more distinct from the foot which were of molasses and dark chocolate.  The initial draw were of coffee, nuts, syrupy caramel and spice.  There were some bitter notes that faded soon after the first 1/4 inch.  I am picking up some chalkiness in the first third with every draw.  This isn’t a bad thing but similar to a powdery texture.  Unlike the initial draw, I’m getting black coffee, dark chocolate with bits of cherry.  While I had water with the three other No 8s that I smoked for the review, I’m pairing the final cigar with coffee and it’s turning out exactly how I expected.  The aroma from the smoke is inviting and contributes in a positive manner to the cigar experience.  It has some sweet notes mixed in with mild spice.

The second third continues with the same chalkiness as before with every draw.  I’m also getting a syrupy flavor with nuts and a nice spicy finish.  This lingers a while on the tongue which captivates you until the next draw.  At this point, the Serie D feels like a solid medium to full in the strength category though the flavors mask the strength fairly well.  In the final third, I’m getting black coffee, nuts with a syrupy follow along with some spice.  The flavors aren’t changing dramatically from the first part to the last, but there is a good amount of complexity.

OrtegaSerieDNo13 Ortega Serie D No. 8 Review top 10 online casinos in the world

Final Thoughts:

  • The flavors are consistent throughout the cigar.  However, there is enough complexity within each draw to keep my attention.
  • Even though the burn wasn’t as good as I would have liked it to be, the draw, smoke and ash were very impressive.
  • This is a cigar that could have been priced a dollar or two higher based upon my experience.  However, I think the current price point is ideal for establishing the Ortega brand name back into the market place
  • This isn’t a cigar that overwhelms your sense but keeps everything in balance.  I wouldn’t hesitate to smoke a few of these a week.
  • I’m sure rest of up to a few months may allow the flavors to develop a little more but this was enjoyable with only a month of rest.
  • I would certainly consider buying a five pack but wouldn’t be surprised if fans of the flavor profile immediately go for boxes of ten.

Rating:  91

OrtegaSerieDNo16 Ortega Serie D No. 8 Review

This cigar is available for purchase at Twins Smoke Shop.  Please let them know traveling stogie referred you!

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