2010 Viaje Reserva VOR No 5 Review

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A few years ago, Viaje came flying into the cigar industry with various lines, most of which were very good.  In 2010, a very popular cigar magazine ranked the VOR No 5 in the top five causing a huge demand for a cigar already in limited production.  That was the VOR No 5 which I am revisiting a year and change later.  Keep in mind, Andre released the same size in later half of 2011 but I am reviewing the version from 2010.

Reserva sets itself apart from the regular production both aesthetically and internally without compromising its core flavors. Using the most skilled rollers, Reserva is crafted into a box pressed shape. Additionally, Reserva is comprised solely of older leaf with significant age which includes ligero offering refined spice on the palate.

ViajeOroReservaNo5VPR 1 2010 Viaje Reserva VOR No 5 Review

2010 Viaje Reserva VOR #5 Review trusted uk online casino

Wrapper:  Nicaraguan
Binder/Filler:  Nicaraguan
Size:  5.5 x 52
Vitola:  Box pressed Robusto
MSRP:  $10-12.00
Smoke Time:  1hr 40 min
Location:  Tasty Tobacco Shop

ViajeOroReservaNo5VPR 3 2010 Viaje Reserva VOR No 5 Review


I certainly feel the VOR #5 is one of the best looking cigars from Viaje with the rich oily wrapper and double banded style.  Two bands is just about the most I’d like on a cigar with any more simply take away from the elegance of the cigar.  The classic gold trim around the Viaje Shield signifies it is an Oro and the second band essentially stating it is a Reserva.  While the second band wouldn’t be necessary to identify it as a Reserva since they only make this shape for it (Reserva), the band does allow it to stand out.  Even though the cigar has some prominent veins, from my experience it is nothing that I feel would prove to be troublesome.  The box pressed vitola is very appealing to the eye and quite often enough gets mistaken for a Padron.  The VOR No. 5 is well packed and definitely has some weight for it’s size but with a nice balance.

ViajeOroReservaNo5VPR 5 2010 Viaje Reserva VOR No 5 Review


I used my trusty Xikar to make a clean cut across the head and I didn’t get anything less than a smooth draw when I took a prelight puff.  I like how the cap didn’t break apart as does happens with other cigars when making a cut.  The VOR No. 5 accepts the flame very nicely, gently toasting the foot with a stream of smoke slowly escaping.  It has a very even burn which is surprising since box pressed cigars tend to have the most issue with that.  I would categorize the burn as “almost perfect” if there were such a thing.  Even though the ash had some breaks in it and looked fragile, it lasted almost 1.5 inches before falling.  The smoke has a nice creamy presence when exhaling but as I reached the last quarter of the cigar, the smoke does dwindle down.

ViajeOroReservaNo5VPR 9 2010 Viaje Reserva VOR No 5 Review


The prelight aroma gives off a faint smell of tobacco which could be a little aged but it’s hard to tell.  The initial draw was of pepper and cocoa but it immediately smooths out.  The VOR No 5 comes out of the gate fast hitting you with some nice variety of flavors.  I picked up notes of cedar, cocoa with a smooth peppery finish.  The flavor profile in the first third feels very balance with not one note dominating.

ViajeOroReservaNo5VPR 16 2010 Viaje Reserva VOR No 5 Review

The second third is just as consistent and complex enough to maintain my attention.  Essentially continues where the first part left off but introduces notes of nut, wood and a nice subtle sweetness most similar to sweet spices and caramel.  The finish is a bit peppery and bitter but this isn’t to be confused with harshness.  Notes of caramel kicks off the final third and even though I’m not detecting any pepper right now, the final inch finishes with pepper.  The VOR No 5 is very smooth in this last third, almost too smooth if that can be said.  The retrohale has a tremendous amount of pepper mixed in with small notes of caramel.

Final Thoughts:

  • The 2010 VOR No. 5 is smoking very well right now and while it may get even better, it is hard to imagine that.
  • One of the better lines that Viaje has put out in the past few years
  • The VOR No. 5 is a strong medium to full bodied cigar full of flavor

  • I would easily pick up a five pack (or a box) of the 2011 VOR No 5 or VOR Dt if given the opportunity

Rating:  92

ViajeOroReservaNo5VPR 20 2010 Viaje Reserva VOR No 5 Review

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